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USE Toge­ther 2.2 est dispo­nible

Posté par hdeleau le 22 novembre 2019.

Le logi­ciel de travail colla­bo­ra­tif avec partage d’écran et de la voix est dispo­nible en version 2.2. Le serveur de signa­li­sa­tion de l’Uni­ver­sité de Reims a été mis à jour et accepte désor­mais cette nouvelle version.

We’re exci­ted to unveil some of the features and impro­ve­ments we’ve been working on lately:

✂️ Shared clip­board, copy/paste text and images from/to the shared screen seam­lessly (only the app client is suppor­ted for now)
👤 Sign in with GitHub
🖥 Retina image quality support on macOS (can be enabled in prefe­rences)
💅 Session tool­bar polish, the app client has now the same kind of tool­bar, less confir­ma­tion dialogs
🎤 Fixed multiple audio issues on Windows and macOS

USE Toge­ther 2.2 is avai­lable now with all these! Check out the full chan­ge­log here.
Update to the latest version from within the app or down­load it:


Happy screen sharing 🙂

Julien from the USE Toge­ther team

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