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Sémi­naire UnityMol – mercredi 19/02

Posté par hdeleau le 17 février 2020.

Mercredi 19/02 à 11h, la P3M accueillera le Dr Xavier Marti­nez (CNRS-LBT, Paris) en salle AR06. Il donnera un sémi­naire inti­tulé :

« UnityMol, or how to do mole­cu­lar visua­li­za­tion in a game engine. »

UnityMol has recently been re-desi­gned to over­come previous limi­ta­tions and ensure sustai­na­bi­lity and future code main­te­nance.
This re-work opened the way to new features and exten­sions inclu­ding a python console driving all actions in UnityMol, a selec­tion language, different mole­cu­lar surface algo­rithms and more.
Working in a game engine offers a lot of buil­tin possi­bi­li­ties nota­bly support for AR and VR devices and recently ray-tracing capa­bi­li­ties, at the cost of deep opti­mi­za­tions to display complex and volu­mi­nous scien­ti­fic data in inter­ac­tive times.
With different colla­bo­ra­tions, our frame­work is now the buil­ding block of seve­ral research programs in protein-protein docking, mole­cu­lar visua­li­za­tion and data analy­sis.

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